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A Caregiver’s Kitchen—Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I may have mentioned that I am not fond of the part of home improvement projects where the guys with the sledge hammers start bringing down the walls.  This is the stage we were in during Week One of our kitchen remodel.  As much as the guys working on our kitchen are respectful of us and mindful of the foibles of a 75 year old house—in other words, total sweethearts—I still shriek when a nail gun unexpectedly goes off three feet from my head.

Getting those walls down, however, is the very important first step of the process.  Electricians and plumbers are next up, and they need to get below the surface to do their jobs.  Plus our kitchen has been a very small and cramped space with too many doors.

Opening up one wall and closing off another will give us more cabinet and counter space.  We are turning two rooms—tiny kitchen and tiny “formal” dining room–into a sunny and relatively spacious eat-in kitchen with appliances and cabinets of a type safe and convenient for aging in place elders .

That’s our vision.

Meanwhile, it’s a work in progress.  Knowing how phobic I can be about this part of the job, Bill has stepped up to be caregiver for me and for the house by staying home and available to the guys, while I steal away to a friend’s condo high above City Park.

Bill, obviously, is the biggest sweetheart of all.

So far, Project Remove Carol from the Premises is working out great.  Bill is a bit frazzled, but I think that both he and the guys are glad to have me leave them to it.  I stop by for a few minutes every day or so to take some photos and admire the process. But then I’m gone again–off to the lovely condo in the sky with the fancy fitness center and the granite counter tops.

Thursday I cooked a nice pot of soup to feed Bill and me and my hostess.  We left her a big bowl of the stuff in the refrigerator. (She says she liked it!)  Friday I came home to work from my home office all weekend, planning to return to the serene and orderly condo on Monday or Tuesday when the workers arrive for Week Two of remodeling fun.

It just couldn’t be more delightful.



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