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Caregiving Update: It’s Boring


As I wrote last week, I am doing a stint as caregiver.  Carol had surgery.  She is doing fine, some pain, tired a lot, can’t do much lifting.  I do the work and keep an eye on her.  I cook, clean, wash dishes (the dishwasher is in the chair), get the icepacks, bring water, fill water bottles, go to the pharmacy, the library, talk to doctors, nurses, insurance people, hospital people, the usual drill.  There are periods of activity, and significant periods of monitoring or just being available.

I love Carol desperately but caring for her when she is laid up is: Boring.  Routine.  Same thing over and over.  Repetitive.  Menial.  Did I say boring?  Strangely, I don’t think we have discussed this before.  I guess we were too bored.  Late next week Steve has surgery.  I may exchange one patient for another.  Boring.  I guess I’ll floss my teeth.

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