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From Over The River

View of Fort Logan Cemetery, DenverBe each saint in heaven,
Each sainted woman in heaven,
Each angel in heaven
Stretching their arms for you,
Smoothing the way for you,
When you go thither
Over the river hard to see;
Oh, when you go thither home
Over the river hard to see.

Celtic Blessing from Celtic Prayers, translated by Alexander Carmichael, edited by Trace Murphy, Doubleday Image Books,1996.

Right after Mom died I was shopping for shoes. I needed a new pair to wear to her memorial service. I have big feet and it’s hard for me to find shoes that fit and that look nice. I went into a store I had never shopped at before and was looking through the stacks of shoes for something that I even remotely liked. This was one of those types of stores where no one will help you, you are on your own, all of the shoes are stacked in boxes about 5 feet high and the shoes are all displayed on the top of the stacks.

I started down the middle of one aisle when I heard something drop behind me. I thought it was odd because I was sure I hadn’t brushed against anything, and the display shoes were all on top of the stacks, anyway. As I bent over to try on a shoe, I glanced back and saw what looked like a slipper laying on the floor about four feet behind me. After trying on the shoe and discovering that it was too small, I placed it back where I got it and turned around to pick up the fallen shoe. As I returned it to the top of the stack I noticed that it was a Minnetonka Moccasin!

This was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. I grew up near Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. I attended Minnetonka High School. Now, I am aware that there are parts of the country where Minnetonka Moccasins are quite common, but Idaho is not one of them. You rarely find them here. Besides, I hadn’t touched a thing when I walked down that aisle between the stacks of shoes and, despite that, a Minnetonka moccasin jumped off the shelf and landed on the floor four feet behind me.

Was this mom trying to make contact? I choose to believe that it was. Judi

This page was suggested by one of our readers and is for anyone who has had a similar experience. Please feel free to share it here.

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  • Edith Newbold Jones Wharton~ There are two ways of spreading light to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

  • dragonet2

    I have had a former (deceased) beloved boss tell me it was okay to move on from another job…. the one AFTER I worked for him.

    The totally oddest thing that has ever happened was while my grandmother was dying. My sister and I had driven down in quite a rush to be with her before she passed. When we came into her bedroom, she kind of looked off to one side, said “(her parents names), I need to talk to Sally and Paula now, I can talk to you all I want later,” and then turned to speak with us. We all got to say our goodbyes and she was totally lucid. The chill I got at that moment was actually very grounding.

  • About 12 years ago we mourners stood around my brother’s grave in pouring rain. His death had been unexpected. After the ashes were laid to rest and the committal statement read — an instant after the period on that last sentence, in fact — a 5-second wind came up, somewhat circular, and turned most of our umbrellas inside out. Then the wind was gone as fast as it had come.

    We struggled with our umbrellas, trying not to get soaked, but we also looked at one another in wonder. This was just the type of surprise my brother so loved. We, too came to a conclusion that he was indeed nearby and telling how things were just fine and that he still loved funny moments.

  • After Dad died this past July I didn’t feel any hugs or pats like I had with Mom, but I did hear his voice a couple of times. The first time was just a week or so after his death. I heard him call out my name in a distressed or cross tone. He sounded a bit like he might not be too happy about this death thing.

    But a few weeks later when I heard him again, it was very different. I was just waking up one morning when I heard him say, “Bye, dear” in that casual, gentle tone he would use when we would be talking again soon. “Bye, Dad,” I responded. For me this was the very beginning of my process of acceptance of his death.

  • Carol

    The day of Mom’s memorial service, the family were breakfasting downstairs at the hotel, and I started to feel a bit dizzy. I thought maybe I was having a little jet lag, so I went up to the room to meditate and clear my head. About ten minutes into the meditation, the strangest sensation seemed to pass through my body. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before or since. Then, a few minutes later I felt a soft pat on my leg which was repeated three times. I have no doubt that this was Mom letting me know that she is okay and that we are good.

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