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More on Retirement Transition

Last week I wrote about the trouble I am having in transitioning into retirement.  I have to say more, because Carol is becoming impatient with me hanging around the house.  I had a job interview today for another part-time job to fill in until work at Four Mile Historic Park picks up.

My problem is with transitions.  Persons with ADD typically have this problem and I can confirm that is a big deal.  I
like to think that I am somewhat self-aware, but when the transitions come, I seem to sink into a near unconscious level.
I can talk about taking action, even doing some things, but the overall picture seems to slip away and much of my energy goes into doing things like playing Angry Birds on the I Pad.

A am usually good at consulting the literature about what to do in a situation.  I retired in March and this evening is the first time I did a search on what to do after retirement.   The first site that came up had 25 ideas, some of which I had acted on, but there is new stuff as  well.  Here is the link.

I do not recommend suggestion number 25, which is to do nothing.  In my experience those who do nothing do not take too long to die.  I  guess my task is to try to stay aware and do a stricter budget of my time.  Carol will help as well.  I just have to stop burying my anxiety, and act.

Caregivers of aging parents are often in their 50’s and 60’s when they become caregivers.  The stress of caregiving combined with the stress of going into retirement can result in family difficulties.  I guess my writing about my transition is a chronicle of the life of a retired former and ongoing caregiver.

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