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More Transition, We Are Our Own Caregivers, and Some Loose Ends

Belgian Horses Like at Four Mile

I am swamped.  I thought retirement was supposed to usher in one’s leisure years.  I suppose it didn’t help my overload that I immediately went back to work.  I am at Four Mile Historic Park here in Denver four hours a day most days.  I assist big yellow busloads of elementary school-age children engage in various activities to give them a taste of what was like to live in the 1859-1880 period.  It is great fun working with the children and a lot of work setting up and cleaning up after they leave.  I love it, but there is a lot to learn and a lot to do.  I leave worn out.

I also have a life, or so Carol tells me.  Today I was an hour late for a shopping trip.  In addition, we are still busy with the transition from full time work to retirement.  Medicare, the VA, rearranging our bank accounts, dealing with the old health insurance plan, finding providers who take Medicare, and trying to have some fun.  We are caregivers for ourselves.

Don’t think I have any desire to go back to the old life.  It was good, but the new life has so much promise for Carol and me that every day is part of an adventure.  I do have a joke that an old friend and classmate shared.

A woman was confronting her husband.  “All you are doing is lying around the house.  All you did yesterday was lie around the house.”    He said, “That’s right, I wasn’t finished.”

Well, I am not doing anything like that.  I am still a worker and caregiver.

I want to pass on a couple of items from the latest issue of the AARP Bulletin The link will take you to the Medicare Starter Kit which is a good guide to picking your way through the Medicare underbrush.

Next is a small news item reporting that the VA is late in implementing a new law authorizing assistance for caregivers of Veterans wounded since Sept. 11, 2001.  For the caregivers, this is frustrating.  It is not surprising, however.  The VA is a big bureaucracy, and there is much to consider in implementing the law.  In addition, there is an infrastructure to build.  Computer programs have to be written, people have to be trained, money set aside, outreach programs devised, and so on.  It will happen.

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