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On the Same Page

Carol likes for us to be on the same page with whatever we are doing or planning.  I agree, but how can we be on the same page when I don’t even know where the book is?  Since my retirement in March I have had a great part-time job at Four Mile Historic Park, a living history facility.  I work with elementary school-age children who come on school field trips and also conduct weekend birthday parties.

The job has made the transition to retirement easier.  The problem is that the Four Mile activities are mostly outside, so the bookings go into a big winter slump.  I am not working much and have too much time.  I have not begun pursuing some of the interests I had planned for retirement, and am having trouble getting started on them.  So, lots of Solitaire and Angry Birds, to the point that Carol is getting angry.

It is not that I haven’t been fairly busy.  We had a big storm in October and I am still pulling broken limbs out of our trees.  I have cleaned the gutters, put the leaves in the compost bin, and the tuck pointers are here working on our brick work.  So, life goes on, but without much structure, and an ADD person needs structure.

I am applying for part-time or seasonal work to tide me over until work at Four Mile picks up.  I started a bit late for holiday work but something will come up; it always does when I work at it.  I find that in this stage of my life I still need to work.  We don’t really need the money, but it helps.  What work does is provide me with structure in my life.

So, the time is coming when Carol and I are going to have a new chapter in our life books.  It will be titled “What to Do When You Retire”.  I have ideas, but we haven’t written much yet.  So, we are having trouble being on the same page when the chapter does not exist.  What has held me back is that I like to work.  I am happy when I am making a field trip worthwhile for 120 third-graders.  It energizes me and makes my life fulfilling.

I am so blessed to have found a new career direction at my age.  Because of my caregiving experience I had considered something in the gerontology field, but working with young people energizes me.  Work, volunteer, either one will provide me with opportunities in working with children.

Carol says that I must have a herd of guardian angels watching and intervening on my behalf.  I need the help, for sure.  It just may be, however, that my guardian angel is the one I married over 25 years ago.

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