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Planning For Profit

Ideal Customer AvatarWell, my first full week of mentor-ship is coming to a close.  This week I worked on my profit clarity.  These were exercises to help get me get clear on where the money will come from in my business.  This was kind of hard to do since I haven’t made any money in my business yet!

Anyway, I did the best that I could to fine tune my idea for the perfect business for me and I tried to understand what my potential clients want and would pay me for.  This is called the Profit Clarity Sweet Spot.  That’s where my gifts and talents intersect with my market’s needs and desires.  There was a lot of free flow of thoughts and ideas going around in my head this week.  But I think I am headed in the right direct.  Even if I’m moving slowly.

I am now tackling my Ideal Customer Avatar.  Wow, this is a tough one!  I have to put myself into my customers shoes;  I have to think exactly like my ideal customer.  One of the exercises is to actually give this customer a name, hair color, favorite food, favorite TV shows, hopes, dreams and fears…things like that.  After I do that, then I must step into that person’s shoes and look at life through those eyes to figure out what my customer is feeling at the moment she is about to buy my services.  I’m told this is the most important exercise and I can’t skip it even though I may want to.  Which I do!

But that is only the beginning.  I will be going deep into the hopes dreams and fears part of the exercise.  This is so I can understand my market better and position myself to fulfill the hopes and dreams and calm the fears of my target market.  All of this is supposed to make me more successful in my business.

Right now my ideal customer is about as clear to me as the picture above in this post.  I have some ideas, but what does she eat for breakfast?  This I don’t know.

On the up side, I spent some time this weekend helping a friend with her website.  I guess it was about 6 months ago that she bought the domain name and I was waiting for her to be ready to learn all about WordPress and get her site set up all nice a pretty on her own.  Well, that never happened.  So this week I procrastinated on my customer avatar and set up her site.  It’s still kind of bare bones now but there are some good pictures of the some of the weddings she has planned.

Sun Valley Idaho Wedding PlannerWhen I told her about it, she was very excited and now I think after seeing that it can become a reality, she is more motivated to Sun Valley Wedding Plannerwork on it.  I have a commitment from her for 2 articles, 1 for her About page written in the 3rd person and one in a more personal, 1st person style, for a blog post.  She promised to work on them tomorrow night. you can see what I have done so far on her wedding website here.

This is a picture of my friend Diane at our wedding and one of her in front of one of her wedding cakes.  Yes, she does it all from cake to vows and wedding license, too.

We have big plans for videos and a picture shoot in May.  I want to get a video up before then so we will have to work on that before in visit her in May.  My goal is to make her the wedding planner queen on YouTube and get her some more paying clients.

I didn’t mention that she lives about a 2 1/2 hours drive from here.  Not too far, but not in the same city.  It makes it a little harder to do the videos. We’ll get there, though.

I will be using her success as proof that I can help local businesses get more customers using internet marketing and video marketing. I already have another client who is sitting on page 1 of Google for 2 different  keywords and we only used one video to do that.  She doesn’t even appear in that video-it’s a slideshow!  Pretty cool.

It’s keeping me pretty busy and with the help of my mentor, I am beginning to understand how this will translate into a real business that will put my talents to work earning money.  I will be helping others and myself at the same time.  That feels pretty good.

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