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Post-Election Briefs for Caregivers


Exhausted Caregiver

I am writing this Wednesday evening after the big general election.  I served as an election judge in my neighborhood precinct here in Denver.  We worked from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  Today I worked at Four Mile conducting a field trip for 76 school kids from a school near to where I live.

I then had a doctor’s appointment to find out why I’m so tired.  Could being 70 and still working at a fairly physical job be part of it?  I’m tired, so this will be brief.

The latest AARP Bulletin has several articles, but I suggest you go to their website section on resources for caregivers.  This website is a fine resource similar to our own According to Bill. 

Barry Rand, AARP’s CEO, gives a personal account of his experience as a caregiver here.  This issue brought home to me just how big the caregiver problem is.  Here in Colorado, an estimated 576,000 people are caregivers for a loved one at home.  AARP has a good piece about it here.   The article emphasizes the importance of local Area Agencies on Aging.  You can access your AAA with this link.

I considered apologizing for the brevity of this piece, but I am sure you have been tired as well.  Hang in there, and use your resources.




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