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Regina Fairbanks–In Memorium

Our neighbor Regina Fairbanks, died last week. She was 91. I did a little caregiving for her, things like lighting pilot lights, putting screws in her eyeglasses, turning the sprinkling system off, and draining the swamp cooler. I got updates on her family and friends, found out what the neighbors were up to, and got briefed on how things should be.  She was a friend and a dear woman. Carol and I will miss her.     –Bill

When we moved to this neighborhood nearly 10 years ago, Regina took us under her wing and made us welcome.  Living here for over 50 years, she knew everything and everyone.

She is our role model on how to age in place.  She did not leave her house until last Monday when the ambulance came to take her to the hospital.  Her life ended on Thursday morning in Collier Hospice at Lutheran Hospital.

Regina was such a loving woman that it was impossible not to love her back.  –Carol


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