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Remodeling and Retirement, Part Three

Kitchen Tile Countertop

Kitchen Tile Countertop

The remodel is going well.  The tile setter is almost finished.  He has a few small details to take care of, including cutting the sink and stovetop holes.  He has them all scribed and ready to cut out, but wants the epoxy grout to completely set up to keep the countertop intact when cutting the holes.

We are fortunate to enjoy the work of true craftsmen on this job.  Electricians, tile setter, floor mechanic, and the contractor are all people who take pride in their work.  It’s interesting to work with those guys, because they all tend to be prima donnas in some way.

The main characteristic is, like all tradesmen, they tend to disparage the previous workmen and how they did things.  They like to complain how some unknown person working years ago has made life difficult for them.

The photo shows the pale terra cotta tile countertops, the white bullnose edges, and the white subway tile backsplash with the colorful accent strip.  We wanted something in the spirit of a 1937 kitchen, so avoided stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.  Besides, white is the new stainless, and granite is so last decade!

More painting and detail work this week.  Next week, it’s finishing the cabinets, installing lighting and electrical outlets.  Then, the appliances go in, and finishing touches applied.  We are getting close to completion.  I hesitate to write this, but so far, no big goof-ups.

My retirement continues to go well.  Yesterday I saw my first lacrosse game.  Denver University beat Air Force 11-10 in overtime.  This was my first lacrosse game.  Fruita, Colorado was not exactly a hotbed of lacrosse in 1960.  My introduction to lacrosse came via John McPhee, my favorite writer.  A staff writer for The New Yorker for many years, I consider Mr. McPhee one of the best expository writers in the business.

Mr. McPhee writes about many subjects, but one of my favorite pieces is about lacrosse.    If you just think you might be interested in the game, read the article.  The coach he writes about, Bill Tierney is now the Denver University lacrosse coach.  DU dropped football many years ago, and concentrates on other sports, including skiing and hockey.

Denver University also has an extensive music program through the Lamont School of Music  and a major concert venue, the Newman Center .  Carol and I have enjoyed a number of fine programs.  They are much lower in cost than those in downtown Denver.

Right now, I am gearing up for Four Mile’s busy season.  April, May, September, and October are our busy times.  I don’t like to work more than four days per week, and it looks like that is what will happen.  I love working with the kids.  They are so capable of pure joy, they inspire me.  Retirement is going well.

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