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Retired, Working Part Time, and Sore

As I have mentioned before, spring at Four Mile Historic Park  is our busiest time.  The weather is warming up, Spring Break is over, the students are restless, and it’s time for field trips.  We are also having lots of weekend birthday parties and scout field trips.

I am working four or five days per week, either four or seven hours per day.  It is all a bit much.  When I get home, there is still the aftermath of a construction project to deal with.  We have about ten boxes full of kitchen stuff to put away in the new cabinets.

This adds up to a lot of toting and bearing for a seventy year-old man.  In addition, I haven’t been very busy over the winter and am a bit soft.  I walk regularly, but don’t do much resistance work.  The consequence of this is that I hurt.

My neck hurts, my shoulder hurts, my wrist hurts, my knee hurts, and my back really hurts.  I have mild osteoarthritis and some degenerative disc disease around my fourth and fifth lumbar vertebras.  After a particularly busy day, I tend to have cramps in my calves and hamstrings.  In other words, I currently am a mess.

The weather the last week has caused some cancellations, which is good.  I do not need to make a bunch of money at this job. And I would like days off to recover and enjoy some of my other interests.  It looks like today, Thursday, will also be a snow day.  Next week, however, is going to be the busiest week of the year so far.  I am in a bit better shape, so I will probably survive.

The gist of this is that it is sometimes tough balancing things in this sort of retirement.  I enjoy my part time job, but it is fairly physical, and I am no longer the tough guy I once was.  Like Dirty Harry said, “A man has got to know his limitations.”  I have limitations, and this time of year tests them for me.

I do not know how many years I will stay in this job.  I do know I will stay at Four Mile, but I may be a volunteer docent at some time.  Retirement is complicated.

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