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Starting a Business at Midlife

Starting a business at midlifeToday I am making my public declaration…I am starting a business! It might be a midlife crisis of sorts, or maybe I am finally finding some courage to move beyond the familiar, or perhaps I am just tired of the way I live my life. Whatever it is, I have decided to stop pretending to be an entrepreneur. Today, I say to the world that I am one.

It’s going to be a stretch. I am investing in a business coach. I know enough about myself to realize that I need someone to keep me accountable and I need a map. I said that I was going to stop pretending; my business coach is going to move me beyond the dreaming stage into the doing stage.

It’s exciting and it’s frightening at the same time. I have always taken the traditional 9-5 type jobs.  At 57 I am still struggling to make ends meet. If I’m going to struggle, I would rather struggle to make my own dreams a reality.  However, I do plan to continue working until my business will support me.

I have put years into other people’s dreams…
I dread Monday mornings…
Although I admire her, I do not want to be who my boss is…

Today it is time to stop wasting time. Today it is time to put my knowledge to work. Today it is time to share my gifts with the world.

I will keep you updated on my progress…I will work hard…I will be successful.

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