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Will New Health Care Regulations Help Caregivers?

“Talk about a hot button!” says Kari Berit in the introduction to her interview with Michele Kimball of the Minnesota AARP about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on caregivers.  Michele has studied the effects of the Act closely and holds the position that many of the provisions are very beneficial to caregivers.

For example closing the gap in prescription drug coverage in Medicare Part D helps caregivers who may have been financing drug expenses incurred in the gap.  The law also provides for free preventive care—annual checkups and routine testing.  Caregiver health often suffers during the caregiving years.  Lowering out of pocket payments for caregivers and their aging parents enables caregivers to get the care they need and reduces caregiver stress.

The really significant benefits of the Act take effect in 2014.  …

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Caregiver Alert: Insurance Company Customer (Dis)Service

Deconstructing our Health Insurance Company’s Stand on Health Care Reform

Right now Bill and I are up to our ears in what seems like dozens of picky bookkeeping details that have flooded our desks.  Not only is it tax time, but Bill’s recent retirement means changes in our automatic banking procedures and our savings plan.  We are also challenged by the need to learn the ins and outs of new medical coverage from Medicare and from the VA.

Much of this is proceeding reasonably smoothly.  Where the trouble lies right now is mainly with our old health insurance company.  Most years we have no trouble at all with them.  Our health care providers’ billing offices know their business, and we have learned the ways of filing for out-of-network expenses with a minimum of frustration.

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