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What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Drug Interactions

Bill’s concern about drug interactions is well founded.  The potential for drug interaction is extensive. The more medications a person takes, the higher the risk for drug interaction.  As Bill points out, this is a special concern for seniors and family caregivers.

It makes sense to use the same pharmacy to fill all or your prescriptions.  At least if you use the same pharmacy, it is possible to ask the pharmacist about your concerns with drug interactions.  After all, the pharmacist is the drug expert, not your doctor.

It is a good practice to carry a list of all of the medications you are taking, including over the counter meds, with you to the pharmacy and show it to the pharmacist when you pick up your  prescription.  At the very least, get in the …

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Google Maps Gets Into The Game – Hah!

Well, it seems that everyone wants to make a video game, and that includes Google Maps.  Yesterday was the debut of the 8-bit version of Google Maps for NES, complete with retro graphics, simple, intuitive controls and classic sound effects.

To get the full effect, you will need to drag out your old Nintendo gaming system, hook up a couple of wires and…oh, yeah, make sure you have your fire extinguisher handy. Or you could just click on the Quest link in the top right corner of Google Maps to check out the trial version.

Google Maps 8-bit is set to cash in on the classic game craze.

With their rush to get into the gaming world, Google Maps has perhaps hit it out of the park with a real retro classic that warms …

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