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The Caregivers’ New Kitchen

Almost finshed kitchen remodelThis morning is a bit like Christmas.  I unpack the first of a dozen or so boxes filled with kitchen items that we have stored around the house for 8 weeks and more because of the remodel.  I am happy as I lift a sturdy white pitcher from the packing box. I have missed this pitcher many times in the past several weeks. We use it whenever there is gravy or a sauce to be served at the table.  The Pyrex measuring cup I have been using lately works fine, but isn’t as pretty.

Some items like the large white pasta bowls I uncover next have not been missed.  In fact, I had forgotten these bowls entirely until I saw them again this morning.  If I haven’t even thought of these bowls for two months, how important are they to life in our tiny retirement cottage? This is the time to consider what we really need and what has just been taking up space in our old kitchen. 

While my daughter’s prediction that our remodel would not be finished on schedule has turned out to be completely true, we still have been able to begin moving in to our new space.  We are lining the cabinets and drawers and bringing back our dishes, pans and spices.  We are using all of our new appliances including the dishwasher that inspired the whole project.  In fact, the dishwasher has received the most use of all.

Bill and I are both completely delighted with the new kitchen. We find the space so much easier to use than the old kitchen.  And the design fits the aesthetic of the house better than the dated Euro style look of the old kitchen.

Our goal was to create a space with all the advantages of a modern 21st century kitchen and the feel of the pre-war art deco period when the house was built.  Instead of granite, we have 24 inch ceramic tile counter tops and a subway tile backsplash.  Instead of tile on the floor, we have Marmoleum—a new breed of linoleum that is colorful and utilitarian and a surprisingly green product as well. 

There is very little remaining to be done by the crew—mostly just a few finishing touches.  But work has halted because the parts—molding, filler pieces and replacements for a couple of panels that are maple instead of white due to an error by the supplier’s workshop—have not arrived. 

The company, Custom Cupboards of Wichita, Kansas, has not corrected its mistakes in the customary 2 week turnaround that our contractor expected.  More than four weeks after notifying them of their errors, we are still waiting to receive the correct pieces.  Until we do, the contractor cannot continue the work, and we are left to wonder when the project be completed. 

We’d like to have closure on the construction aspect of the project, but meanwhile there is plenty that we can do to get our new work space organized and ready for the preparation of quick meals, full dinners and party food for the kitchen warming party we plan to have once all the work is done.


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