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The Family Caregiver’s Journey: A Lifetime Supply

We wish everything we did as caregivers were as easy as ording cards from Staples

Bill and I stopped by our neighborhood Staples on Monday to pick up the business cards we had ordered for Inside Aging Parent Care.  We needed a padded mailing envelope to send some of the cards on to Judi.  Bill went off in search of them while I waited at the printing and copying counter for the cards to be finished.

(Are they ever fast there!)

When Bill came back he had a huge package of padded envelopes in his hand.  An increasingly familiar conversation followed:

Bill:   This is all they had.  It’s more expensive than buying a single, but they could easily last us for the rest of our lives.

Carol:   Have you noticed how many times we’ve said that lately–that something will last us the rest of our lives?

Bill:   Pretty soon we’ll be saying it about lunch.

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