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The Sandwich Generation -Caregivers Preparing For The Future


Kathleen Kelly, executive director of Family Caregiver Alliance, speaks with Sheliah Kast of Inside E Street, an informative half-hour talk show that looks at the latest developments affecting economic security, health care and retirement.

The topic is the Sandwich Generation, predominantly Boomer woman in their mid 40’s who are juggling full time work, children and caring for and older parent or family relative.

Some of the main points that Ms. Kelly covers in this video are:

  • A social worker or care manager can be a vital resource for family caregivers
  • Availability of services, care networks, and connection to other caregivers and family members can relieve caregiver stress, burnout, and depression.
  • Looking to the future, sandwich generation family caregivers can take the lessons they learn now and apply them to their own aging and future care needs.


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2 comments to The Sandwich Generation -Caregivers Preparing For The Future

  • That video brought back memories of when I was one of those sandwich generation caregivers, working and taking care of a young teen daughter as well as my husband, mother and father — all three of whom became ill and died within 5 years of each other. I thought you may be interested in looking at what continuing care retirement communities are doing to help their residents who have become caregivers to their spouses. Thank you. You are a great resource!

    • Thanks for your comments Cheryl. I edited out your longer news release because I think it might be more appropriately a blog post on what kind of help and support caregivers can and should expect from the retirement communities that they and their aging parents are considering. Please get in touch with me at if you are interested in this idea.


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