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The Unexpected Caregiver The Promise of Care with Carey Lindeman

Most elders would like to remain where they are and age in place like fine wineFor those of us who have chosen to age in place in the homes we live in now, in-home health care will eventually become a consideration.  Even with our membership in the Washington Park Cares Village, Bill and I may someday need more help than can be provided by volunteer neighbors.

This is why I was interested to hear a recent interview by Kari Barit on The Unexpected Caregiver, broadcast by KYMN in Northfield Minnesota every Thursday.  She talked with  Carey Lindeman who owns a local in-home health care agency that sounds like one I might like to hire. You can hear the original broadcast at  The Unexpected Caregiver The Promise of Care with Carey Lindeman.

Carey’s new ideas about in-home care include assigning a dedicated caregiver to each client to provide for continuity of care and for the possibility of a true relational connection to grow between client, family caregivers and the professional agency caregiver.  Simple, but profound.

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