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What to do when the Creative Well is dry

Dry Creative Well

This week I am just not inspired, but there are some notes.

Today is Carol’s birthday.  We both worked today, so the big celebration is tomorrow, but we had a nice birthday dinner.  We had Manhattan style clam chowder made with some of the last of our garden tomatoes.  Just before our big frost in October I uprooted the tomato plants and hung them upside down in the garage.  We watched them ripen and had spaghetti sauce, lots of tomato soup, clam chowder, and roasted tomatoes as a garnish on several dishes.  We have enough left for one last batch of tomato soup.  It’s December and we are still enjoying food from the garden!

I have made some additions to the According to Bill: Resources section.  Most important are the health-related publications from the Harvard Medical School.  You can look the list over here.  It seems that about half of the publications apply to me: hearing loss, weight loss, arthritis, caregiving, stress, back pain, stomach problems, memory, healthy aging, allergies, and on.  Wow!  I am getting on in years!

It seems that Judi and I have somewhat different outlooks on Alzheimer’s.  That’s good.  Everyone should look into issues like Alzheimer’s now, not when serious memory loss or a diagnosis confronts us.  Family meetings are important here, but studying the issue and deciding for oneself is the most important thing one can do.  Of course, this applies to all issues confronting caregivers of aging parents regarding the parent and themselves.  I plan to put together a more comprehensive list of resources about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  I will post it here in the blog and incorporate it in According to Bill: Resources. 

I wish I could come up with a way to distill all the information available to caregivers into one brief overview.  The field is just too large and diverse to be able to do that well.  I hope what we offer here is a help and a starting point for caregivers.  If you have any special needs you think we might be able to help with, contact us.  We will give it a try or connect you with the best available resources we know of.

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