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What’s It Like To Die In The Hospital? From CBS 60 Minutes

A couple of weeks ago we published an excerpt from the beautiful Rocky Mountain PBS video Living With Dying that takes us inside palliative care and hospice care to see what really happens at the end of life for people who choose to stay at home with comfort care rather than pursue extraordinary measures in the hospital.

We recently ran across the link to today’s video clip on the CARENET news page and were struck by the contrast between this depiction of death in the hospital and that of  RMPBS report on hospice and palliative care patients, families and caregivers.  In this CBS 60 Minutes segment, Steve Kroft takes us into Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and other sites.  He interviews patients, doctors and families about the physical, emotional and financial cost of hospital end of life care.

The Cost of Dying: End of Life Care from 60 Minutes-CBS

We hope you will take the time to view both reports and share your reactions with us by clicking on the comment button below.

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